12 October 2007


Some reviews of Dietrich's Broadway shows and that "Queen of Ajax" interview with Rex Reed have been posted for your enjoyment. (pdf)

11 October 2007

Where were you on Wed., Nov. 26, 1940?

I would have been at Charleroi's Menlo Theater to see "Destry Rides Again with James Stewart and Marlene Dietrich. Admission was 17 cents for matinee showings and 25 cents for evening presentations."

Dietrich rests again in Paris

From a article, I caught wind of an Edward Steichen exhibition running at Paris' Jeu de Paume gallery until December 30th, 2007. Click on the exhibit photos, and you will spot a disembodied Anna May Wong, Dietrich's co-star in Shanghai Express, napping beside a chrysanthemum victim to the same fate. I won't feign any knowledge of Steichen and his work, other than the referenced Dietrich photo (posted above) and some others, including one here. In fact, this site led me to discover that Dietrich's Morocco co-stars, Gary Cooper and Adolphe Menjou, also posed for Steichen.

I've always appreciated Dietrich's lavish gestures and lustful lounging in these photos, but why plop a vase of carnations into this opulent scene? Those weeds might as well be in an old Coke bottle.