20 September 2011

Dietrich vs. Garbo

Even before she arrived in the US, Dietrich was being compared with Garbo by critics; today, the two are still compared. In 1938, Photoplay compared the two and declared Garbo the "winnah!". What's your take on these endless comparisons between the two?

15 September 2011

French Radio's Marlene Tribute

In August, France Culture broadcast a series of five programmes dedicated to Dietrich.

Subjects include Marlene's love life, her role as muse and the Dietrich-Sternberg collaborations. Archive interviews with Marlene are used, as well as new interviews with Silke Ronneburg and Werner Sudendorf (from the Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin), Jean-Jacques Debout (whose songs Marlene recorded), Marlene's friend Louis Bozon and her grandson Peter Riva.

You can listen to the programmes on France Culture's site. The programmes are in French.