01 January 2008

What about her liquor bills?

After her alma mater Paramount released Mommie Dearest, Dietrich had quite a bone to pick. Like most of her private exchanges, a letter Dietrich wrote to Peter Bankers in response to the film was recently purchased on the Christie's auction block for about $1,500.

Among its most catty slams: "Fay [sic] Dunaway should be ashamed of herself, but then she probably needed the money to pay her liquor bills." 

On Christina Crawford, Dietrich says, "I am shocked that Paramount bought that filthy book and made that frightful bitch who wrote it rich." 

I don't recall Dietrich having any fond feelings for her fellow Box Office Poison, yet she declares, "I did not know Joan Crawford, but nobody deserves that kind of slaughter." 

All this makes me wonder what she would have said to Maria.