22 June 2015

The P1167 Project (P1167-201 to P1167-300) /UPDATED JULY 29, 2015!/

The P1167 Project is an effort to collect every Marlene Dietrich publicity photo marked "P1167," which will give us a visual overview of her development as a star during her years at Paramount. Learn more about these photos here. If you would like to help us, please submit photos in the comments section or e-mail them to us at

We extend our sincerest gratitude to the Kobal Collection, which has helped us fill the gaps in our galleries. Although the P1167 numbers are not visible on these digital images, the staff of the Kobal Collection have kindly verified the numbers for us by checking the original press photos that they hold. Please check out the Kobal Collection on Facebook!

Notes on this gallery:
  • P1167-215 shows Marlene and Shirley Temple.
  • P1167-290 is simply a heavily retouched version of P1167-281. Thanks, Erik, for pointing that out! Anyone know who the guy is in the original? Some sources online state that he's Travis Banton, but he doesn't look at all like Banton! EDIT: Is he former President of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon (Thanks again, Erik!)?
  • P1167-254 shows Marlene and Brian Aherne attending a showing of Mae West's Belle of the Nineties (photo dated 15 September 1934).
  • P1176-275, 278, and 280 appear to be A Devil is a Woman costume sketches by Travis Banton.
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P1167-281 P1167-282 P1167-283 P1167-284 P1167-285
P1167-286 P1167-287 P1167-288 P1167-289 P1167-290
P1167-291 P1167-292 P1167-293 P1167-294 P1167-295
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