12 August 2015

Online Palimpsests: Cached Sites About Marlene Dietrich

Blank and altered spaces have replaced many of my favorite Web sites and pages about Marlene Dietrich. It's as if the woman in the opening of The Blue Angel came by with her water bucket and rag to wash and scrub away their text, images, and even HTML. Nevertheless, online archives such as Wayback Machine have captured iterations of these information-rich resources as I remember them.
  • The great Werner Sudendorf's now-defunct Sounds Like Marlene humbly declared itself an "unspectacular but useful site," but I find its content as striking as it was practical. The site boasted many lists that I still consult, which cover Dietrich's songs, musical releases, radio performances, and TV performances. Furthermore, the site contained lyrics of many Marlene songs.
  • Then, there is the recently deceased, the site of Marlene Dietrich Collection Berlin (MDCB). This site included many of the past newsletters (also all available at the "office" Marlene web site), bibliographies of some of the most useful print resources by or about Dietrich, including those produced by or with the support of MDCB. Additionally, it listed exhibitions about Marlene, provided production information about her films (production dates as well), and even included photos and biographical information. The only downside is that the videos once available on this site have not been archived.
  • is another site with cached pages I consult, especially when I'm seeking past news related to Miss Dietrich. Over the years, this site has been extensively cached, but you will have the most luck browsing through the cached versions made from the tail-end of 1998 through the present. Thanks to this site, I learned that there was once a Marlene Dietrich fan club!
  • I know next to nothing about The Last Goddess blog's visitors, but I do know that many of you stumble upon us because you are seeking the "last" photo of Marlene Dietrich. Well, Find A Death once posted one of these "last" photos, and although you can no longer find this photo on the site's current Dietrich page, the cached versions include it.
Are there other informative cached sites related to Marlene Dietrich? Other resourceful Marlene sites that you'd like to see archived? Other archives that cache content missing from Wayback Machine, such as, say, videos? Please let us know in the comments section!

06 August 2015

The P1167 Project (P1167-301 to P1167-400) /UPDATED AUGUST 30, 2015!/

The P1167 Project is an effort to collect every Marlene Dietrich publicity photo marked "P1167," which will give us a visual overview of her development as a star during her years at Paramount. Learn more about these photos here. If you would like to help us, please submit photos in the comments section or e-mail them to us at

We extend our sincerest gratitude to the Kobal Collection, which has helped us fill the gaps in our galleries. Although the P1167 numbers are not visible on these digital images, the staff of the Kobal Collection have kindly verified the numbers for us by checking the original press photos that they hold. Please check out the Kobal Collection on Facebook!

See the other photos in the "P1167" series at:

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P1167-306 P1167-307 P1167-308 P1167-309 P1167-310
P1167-311 P1167-312 P1167-313 P1167-314 P1167-315
P1167-316 P1167-317 P1167-318 P1167-319 P1167-320
P1167-321 P1167-322 P1167-323 P1167-324 P1167-325
P1167-326 P1167-327 P1167-328 P1167-329 P1167-330
P1167-331 P1167-332 P1167-333 P1167-334 P1167-335
P1167-336 P1167-337 P1167-338 P1167-339 P1167-340
P1167-341 P1167-342 P1167-343 P1167-344 P1167-345
P1167-346 P1167-347 P1167-348 P1167-349 P1167-350
P1167-351 P1167-352 P1167-353 P1167-354 P1167-355
P1167-356 P1167-357 P1167-358 P1167-359 P1167-360
P1167-361 P1167-362 P1167-363 P1167-364 P1167-365
P1167-366 P1167-367 P1167-368 P1167-369 P1167-370
P1167-371 P1167-372 P1167-373 P1167-374 P1167-375
P1167-376 P1167-377 P1167-378 P1167-379 P1167-380
P1167-381 P1167-382 P1167-383 P1167-384 P1167-385
P1167-386 P1167-387 P1167-388 P1167-389 P1167-390
P1167-391 P1167-392 P1167-393 P1167-394 P1167-395
P1167-396 P1167-397 P1167-398 P1167-399 P1167-400

See the other photos in the "P1167" series at:
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