22 June 2015

The P1167 Project (P1167-201 to P1167-300) / UPDATED 22 June 2015! /

The P1167 Project is an effort to collect every Marlene Dietrich publicity photo marked "P1167," which will give us a visual overview of her development as a star during her years at Paramount. Learn more about these photos here. If you would like to help us, please submit photos in the comments section or e-mail them to us at

Notes on this gallery:
  • P1167-215 shows Marlene and Shirley Temple.
  • P1167-290 is simply a heavily retouched version of P1167-281. Thanks, Erik, for pointing that out! Anyone know who the guy is in the original? Some sources online state that he's Travis Banton, but he doesn't look at all like Banton! EDIT: Is he former President of the Philippines, Manuel L. Quezon (Thanks again, Erik!)?
  • P1167-254 shows Marlene and Brian Aherne attending a showing of Mae West's Belle of the Nineties (photo dated 15 September 1934).
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P1167-241 P1167-242 P1167-243 P1167-244 P1167-245
P1167-246 P1167-247 P1167-248 P1167-249 P1167-250
P1167-251 P1167-252 P1167-253 P1167-254 P1167-255
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P1167-261 P1167-262 P1167-263 P1167-264 P1167-265
P1167-266 P1167-267 P1167-268 P1167-269 P1167-270
P1167-271 P1167-272 P1167-273 P1167-274 P1167-275
P1167-276 P1167-277 P1167-278 P1167-279 P1167-280
P1167-281 P1167-282 P1167-283 P1167-284 P1167-285
P1167-286 P1167-287 P1167-288 P1167-289 P1167-290
P1167-291 P1167-292 P1167-293 P1167-294 P1167-295
P1167-296 P1167-297 P1167-298 P1167-299 P1167-300

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