30 July 2008

Sahara Hotel, Las Vegas. 1953.

Marlene Dietrich wears a gown of transparent black net, which veteran show buisiness people called the most revealing they could remember, for her night-club debut at the Sahara hotel, Las Vegas, here last night, Dec. 15, 1953.
The clinging gown, which supplied only a few scattered bangles and beads between Dietrich and her public, was reported to have cost $ 6.000.

Actress Marlene Dietrich holds the $3,000 sequin and lace creation made for her during an appearance at the Hotel Sahara in Las Vegas, Jan. 6, 1954. The revealing dress, designed by Jean Louis Berthauldt, left, which she vowed never to wear again, made a sensation when she wore it in her show.

That Hat! (Mostly) Paris 1959

Not exactly sure where the photo above was taken - perhaps Germany in 1960?

Above: Arriving in Paris, 1959.