08 July 2017

Einsame Klasse by Eva Gesine Baur: A Review

When the readers of this blog become contributors, I'm ecstatic because I've always envisioned this space as a collaborative one with no borders and no language barriers. Below is a review by Horst Zumkley of one of the latest German-language Marlene Dietrich biographies, as well as my clunky English translation. Please share your thoughts in the comments section, especially if you've read the book!

26 January 2017

Josefine von Losch and a Grave Matter

Mother, star, and husband at Berlin Zoologischer Garten Station
Via Facebook, we recently shared news that the Förderkreis (support association) of the Museum für Film und Fernsehen has initiated a fundraiser to preserve the grave of Marlene Dietrich's mother, Josefine von Losch. Our commenters reacted as predicted. "Huh? Doesn't Dietrich's family make a nice amount of money from her image? Shouldn't they pay for this?" "Ask her granddaughter Maria Riva." "I would think that the Riva family should be responsible for resolving this problem. Why should MD's fans take up this family responsibility?" "ASK Maria Riva."