30 July 2008

That Hat! (Mostly) Paris 1959

Not exactly sure where the photo above was taken - perhaps Germany in 1960?

Above: Arriving in Paris, 1959.


  1. Appreciate your this tremendous and great webpage. I will talk about this with my guys as well as I will come back all over again to discover far more intriguing facts.

  2. The second picture was taken in "Le Fouquet's", restaurant in Paris.

  3. Fabrice, thanks for providing the locations: if you know of any other places Marlene frequented in Paris I would LOVE if you could add them to the Mapping Marlene Dietrich project! (link to the map is on the top right of this page)

  4. I think a photographer named Jack Nisberg took the first photo. At least he's credited as the photographer on (search "marlene dietrich" and "jack nisberg"). I also spotted a photo attributed to Nisberg on The Observer website that would fit in here!