14 July 2009

Dreamy 2

I have another still from the previous post.


  1. WHAT A BORING BLOG NOW ! Those Dietrich glamour pics are too much known & boring. Don't you have candid photographs ? Is your blog dead ???

  2. Pete, I doubt you will come across this reply. In fact, I saw your comment for the first time, which is terribly indicative of how behind I've been on Marlene Dietrich news. Please let us know if you've enjoyed missladiva's posts because I find this year's contributions quite rare and extraordinary. Of course, that isn't to dismiss umaneo's fine contributions, as I consider these 2009 photo posts a fine gleaning of the high-resolution photos available of Dietrich in digital format. Regarding candid photographs, I posted one of Dietrich last year and received legal threats from Peter Riva. Out of respect for the family, I removed the image and consequently became disenchanted with the blog. Seeing missladiva keep it alive has again motivated me, though, and I hope to post more. As for Peter Riva, your name begs me to wonder: are you he?