14 January 2012

Mark Your Calendars!

Dietrich looking godless in her final
Judgment at Nuremberg scene
On Tuesday, February 28th at 7:30pm, Terry Sanderson will once again present his Marlene Dietrich tribute, which will take place at Conway Hall in London. Tickets cost £10. At that reasonable price, not only will you see a popular show previously mentioned on this blog, you will also help fund Britain's National Secular Society. Read more about Sanderson's tribute here. Coincidentally, missladiva's recent post about Dietrich's phone conversations with Dick Cavett ties into this theme because Cavett noted that war had killed Dietrich's Protestant faith, and he cited her disillusionment with politicized clergymen who had vied for divine favor.

Aside from this announcement, I'd also like to express my appreciation to all of you who read this blog and comment on its posts. It appears that we've had a flurry of visitors today--496 page views as of this posting. Wherever all of you are finding us, I hope you take a moment to share your opinions. I started this blog to discuss Dietrich with others and am always happy to engage in conversations with you. In fact, a missladiva post that quoted Maria Riva has been this blog's top entry with over 150 page views today (1,253 overall), and--surprisingly--only two people have commented on it--missladiva and yours truly.


  1. I read and enjoy every post here. Thank you.

  2. I read all of your posts, Joseph, and love your blog and all things Dietrich.

  3. Likewise, I appreciate the comments that both of you have made here--and also the Dietrich-related entries you've written on your blogs. Now that I reread what I posted, I realize it sounds whiny. I didn't mean it that way. Really, I was perplexed that so many people viewed this blog today (or that one person viewed this blog so many times today?). We usually get a little over 200 page views daily, and seeing such a spike in our viewership makes me a bit wary--especially because those viewers (that viewer?) only lurked.