20 September 2012

"The Blue Angel" goes Blu

Kino Lorber have announced that they will be releasing The Blue Angel on blu-ray on 4 December. No word on whether this edition includes both the English and German versions (or extras, if any -- a running time of 124 minutes on a single disc is given by Amazon; this disc may well be Region A locked). It is available for preorder at

Universum Film GmbH released the film on blu-ray in Europe (Region B, stated running time 107 minutes on German Amazon) on 31 August. Their version, according to a review on, includes both the English and  German versions, as well as the extras including Dietrich's screen test, interview and concert clips and a German commentary by Werner Sudendorf. According to Universum theirs is a two-disc edition.


  1. When I read news like this, I wonder what has prompted distributors to (finally) release a Marlene Dietrich movie in the most contemporary format. All those Universal Vault releases on DVD-R perhaps sold well enough to encourage Kino to upgrade its product. Seemingly piggybacking this announcement, Peter Riva has informed us on the official Facebook page that two Marlene Dietrich books (her ABC and her memoirs) will get a Kindle release. Amen! Next, we need Maria's book in eBook format.

  2. Great news about the kindle editions (finally!). I think a kindle edition of Maria's book was announced (as an expanded edition -- perhaps the reason for the holdup?)