26 November 2012

Maria Riva's eBook: The Tea and (no) Sympathy

Maria Riva, Katherine Hepburn, Douglas Fairbanks Jr., Marlene Dietrich
All, this will be an uncharacteristically brief post from me. I contacted Random House about the eBook release of Maria Riva's biography, Marlene Dietrich, and received a cordial yet appalling reply:

Thank you for contacting Random House, Inc.  We appreciate your feedback and continued interest in our publications.

Our current production schedule shows the electronic release of Maria Riva's "Marlene Dietrich" is 3/11/2014.  This date can change at any time.

To be notified of when new releases for Ms. Riva are available we invite you to sign up for "author alerts" at the following link:


Thanks so much for your time.

2014??? Please let your interest in Maria's eBook be known! Read this post on how you can contact Random House. If you have more potential contacts, let me know.


  1. Replies
    1. Indeed, it is, and I hope you let Random House know!

  2. ¡ Los marlenistas unidos
    Jamás serán vencidos !

    Do you know ?
    This blog is marvellous.

    1. It is a marvelous blog, but do the French consider it suave to use Hotmail?! If I'm stunned with the revelation that you still use ICQ, too, I may have to reconsider you folks.

    2. It's very suave to be old-fashioned, Mademoiselle Eartha Kitt kows it (http://youtu.be/BetFXxlBPlw) and you told once Europeans are old-fashioned. I prefer being old-fashioned than being conservative, Monsieur Joseph ;)

    3. Of course! I'm only disappointed that you aren't more old-fashioned by sending telegrams or carrier pigeons.;)

    4. Western Union sent telegrams until 2006 ! We eat pigeons !

    5. If ever there was an example of the expression, "No one loves the messenger who brings bad news"!

    6. Le pigeon est très bon. Mais moins que le lapin qui est aussi bon que le chat.


  3. French program "Des racines et des ailes" about the Rue Montaigne (and Monceau, St-Germain).
    18'55 : Marlene's table at Plaza Athénée
    28'55 : Marlene at the Christian Dior shop.


    1. Sadly, I can't watch because I'm in the U.S., but I hope others can! Fabrice, thank you as always for sharing information and your enthusiasm. Because of you, I have finally bought Norma, Alain, and Louis' books. I finished Norma's, almost finished Alain's, and will go right to Louis'.

    2. Making you the happier marlenist in the world is my joy, my destiny and my duty !