14 October 2014


A fantasy coupling, and an April fool's joke, from 1932.

New York, 1935.

Garbo and Dietrich. They were often compared to one another, but did they they ever meet? 

Marlene always denied it, which did nothing to stop speculation. Garbo's reported comment on the subject?: "Who is Marlene Dietrich?" 

One thing is certain — they may have had the opportunity to meet through shared friends and acquaintances, but they couldn't have met as often as those who knew both (and who supposedly witnessed such meetings) said they did! 

The Garbo site, GarboForever, has a nice summary of many of these legends: you'll have to decide for yourself how reliable they are. One supposed meeting, at a nightclub in 1935, was widely reported. Marlene's denials made the cover of the New York Post in March that year:

Speaking to a Swedish TV audience in 1971, Marlene expanded on the subject (starting at 9:50):

Did they — didn't they? Share your thoughts in the comments!


  1. Some 8 years ago I bought the extensive archive of Norma Bosquet.
    In the archive I found a handwritten poem in Marlene's handwriting about her, Garbo and a "third unknown" woman.
    It is the only "statement" written by Dietrich about Garbo.

    1. Thank you for this information, Hayo. Would you be able to share a scan or transcription of the poem?


  2. In an interview from 1965 MD confirmed that she had met Garbo in late 40's. That happened at the party at Clifton Webb's house and the occasion is described in detail in the Orson Welles biography by Barbara Leaming (1985, 308-309). It's very typical of MD that she later denied that she had ever met GG.