27 January 2015

Elsa Mars, 'American Horror Story: Freak Show"

Did anyone happen to catch this season's American Horror Story: Freak Show? It featured Dietrich references and imagery throughout. Jessica Lange turned in a brilliant, Marlene-styed ("She stole my act.") performance as Elsa Mars, the owner of the Freak Show, who wants to be a star while hiding more secrets than Witness For The Prosecution. Lange turned in  show stealing Dietrich like musical performances of Lana Del Rey's Gods and Monsters and Life on Mars  and Heroes originally performed by that Dietrich fan and delightful androgyne David Bowie.  The homage to MD and DB sent me over the moon. For those who don't like horror her's the link to Life On Mars:

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  1. She even has a burn book of Marlene!
    By the way, what happened to your tumblr diva dietrich? I miss it, I think it was the only gallery of Marlene with its pictures tagged by the year they were taken.