11 April 2015

Kylie Minogue as Marlene.

From the spring issue of Sorbet magazine. Two of my favorites merge!


  1. Very funny , a bit drag queen like ! Layers of heavy make-up and careful styling .
    But this is the " stage " Dietrich from the 60th , Kylie is way too young here . Like her very much though . How they all ( Madonna first ) love the original ... . F

  2. I love it! I remember Kylie from his pop-dance hits.

  3. I thought this was not a well-executed tribute primarily because Kylie--who is a beautiful woman in her own right--lacks the facial features to pull off some of the most distinct Dietrich features. The lighting (or Photoshopping) also didn't help. First, the excessively dark shadow under her jaw obscures her neck in a way to make one suspect that she has an enlarged Adam's apple she wants to keep discreet. Second, the "butterfly effect" only emphasizes an asymmetry in her nostrils that I have never before noticed, and they resemble something like a devil's tail. I think Kylie might make a better Gene Tierney or Elizabeth Taylor.

  4. Love Kylie, but she is terrible!