12 June 2015

The P1167 Project (P1167-101 to P1167-200) /UPDATED JULY 29, 2015!/

The P1167 Project is an effort to collect every Marlene Dietrich publicity photo marked "P1167," which will give us a visual overview of her development as a star during her years at Paramount. Learn more about these photos here. If you would like to help us, please submit photos in the comments section or e-mail them to us at

We extend our sincerest gratitude to the Kobal Collection, which has helped us fill the gaps in our galleries. Although the P1167 numbers are not visible on these digital images, the staff of the Kobal Collection have kindly verified the numbers for us by checking the original press photos that they hold. Please check out the Kobal Collection on Facebook! We also thank Werner, Lionel, Terry, Ernest, Liz, Melina, Rehan, Streif, Sofia, and Peter for your contributions!

See the other photos in the "P1167" series at:

P1167-101 P1167-102 P1167-103 P1167-104 P1167-105
P1167-106 P1167-107 P1167-108 P1167-109 P1167-110
P1167-111 P1167-112 P1167-113 P1167-113 P1167-115
P1167-116 P1167-117 P1167-118 P1167-119 P1167-120
P1167-121 P1167-122 P1167-123 P1167-124 P1167-125
P1167-126 P1167-127 P1167-128 P1167-129 P1167-130
P1167-131 P1167-132 P1167-133 P1167-134 P1167-135
P1167-136 P1167-137 P1167-138 P1167-139 P1167-140
P1167-141 P1167-142 P1167-143 P1167-144 P1167-145
P1167-146 P1167-147 P1167-148 P1167-149 P1167-150
P1167-151 P1167-152 P1167-153 P1167-154 P1167-155
P1167-156 P1167-157 P1167-158 P1167-159 P1167-160
P1167-161 P1167-162 P1167-163 P1167-164 P1167-165
P1167-166 P1167-167 P1167-168 P1167-169 P1167-170
P1167-171 P1167-172 P1167-173 P1167-174 P1167-175
P1167-176 P1167-177 P1167-178 P1167-179 P1167-180
P1167-181 P1167-182 P1167-183 P1167-184 P1167-185
P1167-186 P1167-187 P1167-188 P1167-189 P1167-190
P1167-191 P1167-192 P1167-193 P1167-194 P1167-195
P1167-196 P1167-197 P1167-198[?] P1167-199 P1167-200

See the other photos in the "P1167" series at:
| P1167-1 to P1167-100 | P1167-201 to P1167-300 | P1167-301 to P1167-400 |

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