22 January 2011

The Dress That Jamie Lee Snipped?

Marlene gave Jamie Lee Curtis one of her old evening dresses to wear to the 1983 or 1984 (sources differ) Academy Awards. Curtis was at the time engaged to one of Dietrich's grandsons.
Apparently, the gown had originally been made for Marlene to wear in 1942's The Lady is Willing; for the Oscars, Curtis had the gown altered and shortened.
Is this the dress?
The shortened version of the gown was sold by Christie's in 1999 for $ 9 200. The auction house credited it as a Jean Louis creation. Jean Louis only started to work at Columbia Pictures in 1944.
In the film, Dietrich's gowns are credited to Irene.


  1. How wrong to have altered it!

    1. Here's a photo of Jamie Lee Curtis at the 1983 Academy Awards. Is that the same dress? It looks more white than the above cream color. Whatever the case may be, it looks stylish for the early 1980s, which justifies the alteration, I guess. If you search "jamie lee curtis 1983 academy awards" (without the quotes) in Google Images, you'll see some watermarked photos of Jamie in the dress and with J. Michael Riva at the Oscars.

  2. Jospeh, thanks for that link. Certainly looks like the same dress, maybe it's lighter because of the flash?