30 December 2011

Flickr Odds 'n' Ends Pt. 5

Here's a light and airy entry I've whipped up before the New Year's festivities distract me, Dietrich and Gary Cooper on the set of Desire. You can see the pair in the same threads here (apologies in advance for the unsolicited soundtrack) and here (the first photo in the second row), but I'm posting this photo because the fellow who uploaded it has many more well-scanned classic Hollywood images. Click and see:

marlene  Dietrich, Gary Cooper

 For those of us who don't read Dutch, I've been told this is a loose translation:



  1. If anyone might be curious about the actual translation...

    Here we are: says Marlene Dietrich to Gary Cooper while she looks at the filmstrip of "Desire", their new paramount film. This seems to be provisionally Marlene's last American product. Afterwards she is going to work in London.