10 June 2015

Look Me Over Closely: A Profile On Marlene Dietrich Admirers (Pt. 1)

Thanks to this blog, I have noticed that Marlene Dietrich's fans are incredibly diverse and connect with her in a wide array of ways. This observation has made me curious about how different generations have discovered Dietrich, what about Dietrich's career and life resonates most with them, and how they have formed communities to share their interest in her.  

Melina Livermore has stood out as an example of the Millennial generation of Dietrich fans who use social media such as Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter to express their admiration for Marlene and connect with like-minded people. Appropriately enough, she has produced a YouTube vlog in which she discusses her introduction to Marlene, the online Dietrich fandom in which she participates, the interest that this fandom has in Marlene the person, and even her admiration for Maria Riva. Please take a look:

Thank you, Melina, for making this video and sharing it with us! If you'd like to get in touch with her, you can find her on Twitter at

For those of you interested in sharing your story as a Dietrich fan, admirer, or collector, please contact us at

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