12 June 2011

A Day in Tunisia

This cute photo of Marlene with a nurse, taken at the 36th General Hospital in Tunisa in the 1940s, is from the website for the Walter P Reuther Library at Wayne State University.

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  1. missladiva, you are a gem for posting this. I had been considering how to share ways to search university/college sites for Marlene Dietrich photos, and seeing this photo gave me a minor revelation. One can go to Google images and then enter this text in the search box:

    marlene dietrich site:edu

    The search terms are far from perfect and probably only search American educational institutions, but they will hopefully help those interested in searching multiple university/college sites at once (including their libraries' digital archives). Even though many of the photos aren't rare, people can at least know where to see the photos without buying them.

    Here's a ready-made link that searches images this way.