18 June 2011

Marlene Dietrich Costume Sells for $ 8 000

Marlene Dietrich's Destry Rides Again costume, offered at the Profiles of History auction of items from the collection of Debbie Reynolds, sold for $ 8 000 (buyer's premium excluded), the low end of their estimate. There was only one bid for the item.

When the costume was previously offered at auction a decade ago (probably when it was bought by Debbie Reynolds), it sold for $ 19 000.


  1. I could've owned Marlene's "Destry" outfit for $8001???

  2. This skirt is different than the one in Destry Rides Again, no? Either it was later altered, or it's not the one that Dietrich wore in the movie. Watch this clip. Dietrich's skirt was much longer, and the star embroidery started mid-thigh--not near the waistline. Did the costume department reuse this ensemble in other flicks? Did Debbie dress as a naughty cowgirl for a Halloween soiree?