03 June 2011

YouTube Collections

Many YouTube users have posted Marlene Dietrich clips, and nowadays they are quite informative and well-executed. Of course, there is missladiva's MarleneDietrichVideo, which boasts an impressive array of live concert footage and audio, studio recordings, unissued songs, interviews, newsreels, and much more. There is also Ojara985's channel (run by the blogger of Serch Dietrich), with many HD clips from Dietrich's films, particularly her musical numbers. MarleneXtreme's channel features over 200 charmingly themed videos that pair Dietrich's songs with Dietrich's photos. Another channel I wish to recognize is MarleneInterviews, which delivers what its name suggests--Marlene Dietrich interviews (in French). Please inform me of others that I have overlooked.

On another note, someone wrote a comment asking whether Google is better than Yahoo, which I accidentally deleted (it was in the spam inbox). Perhaps it was spam, but I could answer simply by saying that I prefer Google, which more readily allows a user to search a term (such as "marlene dietrich") in specific sites, such as scholarly documents, books, blogs, realtime (e.g., Twitter) as well as translate sites. Please ask more about searching online if that interests you. I will gladly post tutorials to enhance your searching abilities.


  1. Interesting channels to follow and admire. Thank you very much for the information.

  2. Thanks for stopping by, Miguel, and keep up the great work as always on your blog!