07 April 2012

Little Gloria Meets Marlene, At Last

For Joseph: Marlene Dietrich-Sieber, John Ringling-North and Gloria Vanderbilt-DiCicco-Stokowski-not-yet-Lumet-Cooper at Madison Square Garden (1953). (Original photo currently for sale on ebay). Below, Marlene and unidentified showgals.


  1. Thanks, missladiva. These photos and the others you've posted are all gems. We missed you! As for Gloria, she looks like a cookie-cutter debutante who escaped her cotillion to prostrate herself before the divine Dietrich.

  2. Update: I just spotted an alternate shot of Dietrich, Ringling, and Vanderbilt at The Legendary, Lovely Marlene. I'm a big fan of that site because it helps me sort out facts where Bach and others have omitted them.