08 April 2012

Mecha-Streisand on Marlene

I just read on one of my favorite gossip blogs, Dlisted, that long-time 60 Minutes correspondent Mike Wallace died. Dlisted eulogized Wallace by showing him hold his own against Mecha-Streisand. In this clip, Barbra also jokes that "in the good old days," Marlene Dietrich and "all those real movie stars" would have a spotlight follow them everywhere.

I expect journalists and presenters to invent and spread celebrity myths because they carry the bardic torch as professional storytellers. A legendary celebrity like Streisand telling tales of a fellow icon surprises me, though, because Streisand would know better than anyone that anecdotes hyperbolize celebrities' qualities, leading to fabrication. Despite superstar insight, the tendency toward minstrelsy (in a medieval sense) can subdue even Streisand. Mythmaking is simply irresistible!


  1. Let's not forget what Dietrich said about her in Maria's book!

  2. Haha! Sometimes, I visit the Westwood cemetery because I work near it, and whenever I pass by Fanny Brice's grave, I remember Dietrich's critique of Funny Girl and stifle my laughter.

  3. What Marlene says about Barbra? I couldn't find Maria's book here in Brazil anywhere...

  4. In Maria's book, apparently MD said, while seeing Streisand play Fanny Brice, "Well she certainly has the nose for it."

    1. jajajaja That's hilarious! I love both! Thank you umaneo! S2