26 April 2012

New Layout

My apologies to anyone who has viewed this blog within the past 8 hours or so. I've been fiddling with the layout, and it looks fine if not a little slow-loading in my preferred browsers (Firefox & Chrome) and even in my non-preferred browser, Internet Explorer (despite a lack of rounded edges, shadowing, and slightly different positioning of the blog title and background image).

If you view this site with Safari, let me know how it displays.

Oh, and sorry for the froufrou pinks, too. If it makes any of you butch readers (male or female) squeamish, just pretend you're looking up Sophia Fredericka's skirt.


  1. I think the new layout looks great.

  2. I think the blog is wonderful! any colour....

  3. Thanks! It's most important to me that the layout is viewable to as many users as possible and doesn't deter any from visiting.