09 April 2012

Mapping Marlene Dietrich

Some of you expressed interest in mapping places related to Marlene Dietrich's life, career, and legacy. Therefore, I created a map that anyone can edit, called Mapping Marlene Dietrich. It appears to me that you can't edit it without logging into a Google account, but if you don't have a Google account by now, get with the 21st century! Here's the baby below, which I will also add to a fixed location on the right side bar:

View Mapping Marlene Dietrich in a larger map

If you're as new to Google mapping as I am, read this guide and watch the below video:

Hurray for teamwork! I can't wait to see your contributions.


  1. Good idea. Will each of MD's LA residences be added?

  2. Yes, I'm open to anything that anyone adds. We can add a lot of details in the description fields of these markers, such as dates, links, and even images. I think it would be fun to add links to photos or perhaps even thumbnails of photos featuring Dietrich at these locations, but a lot of those additions will come with time. We can even color-code the markers (e.g., green for workplaces, blue for homes, etc.), but that's another task for the future.

  3. What a neat idea! It'll be interesting to eventually see all the places where MD lived... And thanks for including the instructional video. It looks pretty easy to do!

  4. It really is easy to make these maps. I'd be interested to see whether other classic movie fans have created Google maps for similar purposes or whether we can start a trend to get classic movie fans to do so. I might just create personal maps for myself to mark places related to my family history, travels, etc. By the way, congrats on becoming a CMBA member!

  5. I commend missladiva, who has been contributing so much to the map, and with some beautiful photos. In fact, I smiled when I saw Paramount Ranch because I went there a few months ago and swore I passed by the Blonde Venus bathing spot. For the thousands of looky-loos, you could at least add an address from one of the IMDB movie pages. This is a collaborative project.