04 May 2012

Fill Up Your Tumblr! Pt. 1

I really wish Tumblr users did more crowdsourcing because they post many beautiful Marlene Dietrich photos with little or no information, but maybe that's like asking Rihanna to sing an aria. The information that commenters have been adding over at Flickr Commons hasn't been so, well, informative either. I trust that you, my readers, are a cut above the average Tumblr and Flickr users (I also trust that you know how to use the "e" key!).

Now that I've stroked your egos, let's play a game. I'll post a Dietrich photo from Tumblr, and you tell me everything you know about it--when it was taken, who took it, what's Dietrich wearing, who's with her, etc.  

Let's begin:

Is that a plasma T.V. in the background?;) Photo from here


  1. Since she's sporting a cane, I would date the photo 1942 after she injured her right ankle filming The Lady Is Willing.

  2. I have two different pics in which she wears almost the same outfit with an overcoat and sporting the same cane , same hairdo and shoes. She is on both with her husband Rudolph Sieber at her side. They are not dated , but must be early fourties , maybe somewhere 1942/1943 .

  3. I have no idea I just adore this photo though!

  4. I guess this photo was taken in New York Autumn 1941. She traveled there soon after The Lady is Willing was completed. When leaving N.Y. she was photographed with Rita Hayworth and then she was already without the cane.

    1. Maria mentioned that Dietrich "use[d] a very elegant walking stick when wearing her male attire" after her accident on the set of The Lady is Willing, so I think you're all on the mark. I'd love to see other photos of Dietrich rocking this look. Several years ago when young women and not-so-young women were wearing those velour Juicy Couture tracksuits, they would have looked better in something like this.