25 May 2012

Veuillez m'aider svp?

Fans francais de Marlene Dietrich, je voudrais regarder l'emission, Le crepuscule d'un ange, mais je ne peux pas trouver aucun lien sur le net avec le documentaire entier. Il y a seulement cette bande-annonce qui est disponible, non? Le documentaire sera diffuse encore une fois ce dimanche a 7h55 sur France 5. Je vous prie de m'aider et de m'excuser pour mes erreurs linguistiques. Quel dommage que j'habite dans un pays ou la Dietrich n'est pas bien appreciee


French Dietrich fans, I'd like to watch the program, Le crepuscule d'un ange, but the entire clip doesn't appear available online. All I can find is a little teaser! I know the documentary will air again this Sunday at 7:55 on France 5, but I'm not mad enough to fly to France just to watch it then. Please help me watch it. Please, please, please!

EDIT: Someone very kind (Fabrice from the Marlene Dietrich Collection blog?) had already sent us an email with such a link at, which I initially missed because it went to our spam folder. Sadly, I can't watch this video because I am in the United States. Now, I need help with proxy servers! Argh!

EDIT AGAIN: Yay! Saw it!


  1. Bonsoir Joseph,

    The link : ( )

    Avable on :
    - sur
    - sur l'AppStore:
    - chez Free, Orange, SFR

    I hope you can see it.

    REgards, Fab'

    1. Merci, Fab! I will try these options when I am home.

      If I face the same region restrictions for all these avenues, I will try other means, but I encourage anyone outside of France who can view this documentary to contact the blog and tell us how you're doing so.

  2. Joseph, could you please give me your email address, i've got the link for you

  3. Ok, no answer but I found your email address down the page !

    1. My apologies! You are an angel! As soon as I returned home last night, I fell asleep and didn't check the blog. Now, I have to rush out the door again but will check my email later today.

  4. For a couple of happy minutes I thought I can watch this documentary. Then realized, I don't have this particular channel :( Very unfortunate as judging by the trailer the documentary seemed quite interesting. Hope, someone will post the link and we all can see it. With kind regards, Sauli

  5. Hi Joseph,
    hi everyone,

    here is another direct link from France5, the tv chanel which broadcasted.
    it's the full documentary of duration 51 minutes and 50 seconds.

    below the window is written "Vidéo intégrale disponible jusqu'au jeudi 31 mai 2012 à 21:52"
    meaning : "Full video available until Thursday May 31st, 2012, at 9:52pm"
    (no idea how to watch after)

    below in green : "Prochaine diffusion : lundi 11 juin 2012 à 01:10"
    meaning "Next broadcast : Monday June 11th, 2012, at 01:10am"

    below again in green : an arrow followed by "Etre averti(e) par email".
    meaning "Be advised (of that next broadcast) by mail"

    i am french, living in Paris, but i can help in a bit of translation into english.

    and Joseph, thank you so much for your french.

    For the Love of Marlène !


    1. Thank you, Frédéric! All the helpful French fans who have responded have my gratitude!

  6. You're welcome.
    Did you watch it already ?

    Do not hesitate to ask if there's something you don't understand in that documentary.

    My best,

  7. Frederic, I saw it and wrote about my thoughts in another post. Truly, the only person who was hard to understand was the neighbor when she's talking at her table with that funny dog statuette behind her. Her voice made me laugh because most older women speak like that, no matter what language they speak! Was she saying that Dietrich would yell at her from the window?!

  8. Hello. How did you see the video on the website of "France 5"? I cannot watching it ... Black screen appears and goes up to 29 seconds and it does not open. You had a problem to be opened? I read your comments and I wish to see. I keep trying. Regards



    1. Thanks for sharing! I wish the recent comments widget would work so others could see this, too.