14 January 2007

The Frau With the Pearl Earring

The latest legend involves a recently discovered pearl earring that Marlene Dietrich supposedly lost while riding The Big Dipper roller coaster at the British amusement park, Blackpool Pleasure Beach. You can see the original article here. Regarding the Dietrich photo at that site, no way did she look that old in 1934! I suspect foul Photoshop play. Either that or the midday sun wasn't a high enough key light for her.


  1. Agree with you, Joseph, the picture shows Marlene in the 1950's.

    1. On the archive discussion page for Wikipedia's Marlene Dietrich article, Peter Riva (I assume) clarified that this wasn't Marlene's earring because it was for pierced ears, and hers weren't! Now I'll have to watch Golden Earrings more closely!