14 January 2007

Old Hollywood meets New Hollywood!

A press release from has me salivating over the potential circulation of many rare Dietrich images! In short, WireImage is now distributing movie stills from the Kobal Collection, which provided the photos in Thierry de Navacelle's quaint oversize book, Sublime Marlene. Among those images were stills from the unreleased, unfinished Dietrich film, I Loved a Soldier (a.k.a. Hotel Imperial). Yes, Dietrich was rehashing her Bavarian beer girl caricature, Heidi braids and all, but these were photos from a canned flick! Imagine what else Kobal has to offer. Frankly, I'm ready for Lola-Lola to stuff herself in her barrel.

The only unfortunate aspect of this deal is WireImage's stinginess. Unlike, which distributes free photos at IMDB, WireImage requires paid subscription to view photos larger than a thumbnail. Nonetheless, the rabid find detours around such deterrents. Fans of Nicole Richie, Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Paris Hilton manage to access photo agencies' guarded goods all the time. Surely, the old boys who dumpster-dived for Mae West negligees behind Paramount can also find a way.

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