20 January 2007

Keep this in your glove compartment at all times

Here's a novelty--an image-rich page devoted to Marlene Dietrich in opera gloves. How appropriate considering Maria Riva's biographical reports that her Mutti hated her bare hands. Speaking of anecdotes, were they white kid gloves or black kid gloves that Dietrich would wear to play a lady like her tante Valli? I must confess that I am no handwear connoisseur. Perhaps I should review that charming little comedy, The Lady Is Willing, to refresh my memory. Sometimes I wonder whether Theodora van Runkle, the main costume designer of Myra Breckinridge, had Elizabeth Madden in mind when fitting Raquel Welch in the monochromatic ruffled marvel that Mae West demanded removed from the film! Of course, Dietrich's Irene-designed Seven Sinners sailor suit is quite obviously appropriated by Myra. I could therefore imagine van Runkle taking more cues from Irene's chic and formidable female fashions.

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