17 May 2011

Buzz About Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist

Michel Hazanavicius' The Artist made a lot of noise at Cannes Film Festival this Sunday because it's a 21st-century silent film. Read more about it here. It's telling that the movie's lead actress, Bérénice Béjo, researched Marlene Dietrich's films to enhance her performance because many of Dietrich's talkie-era scenes--such as the wedding in The Scarlet Empress--evoked an atmosphere with only visuals and music. I will, however, have to see The Artist to determine whether Béjo studied hard enough. Based on the trailer, I'd give her an F for emulating Dietrich's winks and eye movements. In fact, it looks like Béjo visited a proptosis clinic or watched a Bette Davis film for inspiration.

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