25 May 2011

Joshua Sinclair, the knight in shining Charmin

Joshua Sinclair, the Just a Gigolo writer who told Charlotte Chandler the toilet paper typewriter (T.P.writer?) tale in her biography, Marlene: Marlene Dietrich, A Personal Biography, has apparently lavished Chandler with praise on Well, his story is the best part of that book, which I mentioned in my reluctant spiel.


  1. Just watched hours of programmes about David Bowie on TV,and had forgotten his Marlene drag in the video of "Boys keep swinging".Paul

    1. Paul, I've got that song on my iTunes but have likely never seen its video. I wouldn't have guessed that was a Marlene impersonation had you not mentioned it! He's poking fun at her, I suppose, but he restrained himself from ripping off his wig as he did as those two other drag personas.