08 May 2011

The Marlene Dietrich Cocktail? Bupkis! Глупости!

The Marlene Dietrich Cocktail has been rearing its head in search engines lately. The image of Dietrich swigging a Curaçao-accented beverage at the Hollywood Canteen makes for a nonsensical legend considering that she couldn't even stomach orange juice for breakfast. I at least commend enterprising bartenders for not pouring Jägermeister into this mix. Nevertheless, can someone explain to me how Dietrich's World War II activism led to such a drink because my pea-brain must fail to comprehend the logic of this clip:

How about we invent a Gloria Swanson Cocktail made of chicken broth, too?

After you've watched that clip, cleanse your palate with a charming blog entry by a Marlene Dietrich fan.

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