08 May 2011

Marlene Dietrich on Facebook

If you are seeking authoritative perspectives on Marlene Dietrich, visit her official Facebook page. Peter Riva, one of Dietrich's grandsons, is the page's contact, which suggests that he is the individual posting under the name "Marlene Dietrich." If you didn't know, Peter Riva heads International Transactions as a literary agent and also represents his mother Maria. With his professional background, he would be quite Internet-savvy. I have interacted with Peter Riva after I posted a photo that some troublemaker named Lars Tiemann sent me, and Peter kindly answered a question I had about that photo via email. Others have less favorable views of Peter (such as David Bret and Scott Michaels), but I am grateful that Peter remained informative despite taking offense to my post.

Surprisingly, J. Michael Riva may also contribute to the Facebook page. On April 4 at 7:02am "Marlene Dietrich" wrote that Steven Bach misstated his birthday, and I do know that J. Michael Riva's birthday in Steven Bach's book (July 19) contradicts the birthday on his IMDB profile (June 28). The only Bach reference I found to Peter's birthday is that it was a few weeks after the 1950 Academy Awards.

At any rate, visit the Facebook page because you can interact with a Riva to get insider information on Marlene Dietrich!

Marlene Dietrich: The One and Only

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