15 April 2011

Battling Bessie Meets Marlene; Docker Departs

by Colin Frost
5 July 1955
LONDON - AP - Battling Bessie Braddock, the Labour Party 200 pounder with a punch to match, made her night club debut alongside Marlene dietrich last night and gold plated Lady Norah Docker pickedup her marbles in fury. Marlene is being introduced during her current engagement at the swank Cafe de Paris by a different celebrity nightly.

Bessie, Labourite member of pariament and president of the Professional Boxers Association, was the barker last night. Lady Docker, booked to bark next week, was on hand for a preview.

Left Squawking

When Bessie curled her 50-40-50 frame into a bow, Norah grabbed her multimillionaire husband and her furs and headed for her gold trimmed Daimler, squawking "I'm furious." Lady D. has garnered headlines in the past by entertaining miners on her spouse's yachat and shooting marbles with working girls' clubs. But last night she demanded of the club management: "How dare you ask me to introduce Dietrich after Mrs Braddock. You'll never see my face in this place again."

Took It Calmly

Bessie took the Docker exit calmly and went on with her work. Wearing a dark gray suit and the bronze medallion of a boxer, she told the fashionable audience, "This isn't my way of life." She said she was doing the turn to help British-American relations. She would reciprocate by having Marlene to lunch at the house of commons next week.

"I've been chasing you for weeks," Marlene told Bessie later. "I just want to get you alone and talk politics with you."

What do a pair of 55 year olds care about marbles anyway?

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