25 April 2011

Marlene Dietrich Tribute Act, Jennifer Ward-Lealand

Supplied by Cambridge Autumn Festival
Performers have long channeled Marlene Dietrich to showcase their own talents. At The New York Times, Anita Gates covered a recent upsurge in Marlene Dietrich tribute plays, highlighting "Puma"'s recent run, which missladiva also discussed. During the past year, Dietrich has also inspired musical performers such as opera singer Janice Hall, whose homage has earned her a Bistro Awards nomination, and now New Zealand entertainer Jennifer Ward-Lealand, who will bring her Marlene Dietrich revue to Cambridge, New Zealand's Cambridge Autumn Festival. Yes, that almost stumped me, too, but I then recalled that the Northern and Southern Hemispheres have diametrically opposed seasons.

Anyway, Ward-Lealand has portrayed and paid homage to Marlene Dietrich since 2003, when she starred in Pam Gems' play, Marlene, which premiered at Auckland, New Zealand's Herald Theater. If you can make it to her performance or are interested in more information, visit this site and look below:

DATE: April 30th
PLACE: Cambridge Town Hall
PRICE: $38 a ticket (contact this site for more details)

One more tip! For the Brits reading this or anyone who can make it to London's Cinema Museum by 7:30PM on May 26, you may be interested in Terry Sanderson's tribute.

Another tip for the limeys! Pam Gems' play will run at Scarborough’s Stephen Joseph Theatre from May 26 through September 3. Who will play Marlene Dietrich? I do not know, but Siân Phillips should take over the reins once again because she was the spitting image of Dietrich back in 1996.

Finally, here's Granny Panty's unique tribute to Lola-Lola and Amy Jolly:

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