02 April 2011

Blog updates

Hello, all! It's been a while since I've contributed to this blog, but I'm grateful that missladiva has been spoiling us with so many delectable media goodies. I wanted to direct you to some updates in the blog's layout.

  • The search engine ("Search The Dietrich Universe")
You should be able to search specifically within this blog, our blogroll, and our links list. Sometimes, searching the entire World Wide Web for Dietrich-related materials means culling useless sites instead of gleaning what you need. I hope this search engine helps you hone in on what you seek. Let us know what you think of it and what we should add to our blogroll and our links list to improve your search results.
  • The RSS feed ("Subscribe To This Blog")
I can't believe we never used this gadget! Now, you can get the latest from our blog the minute we post it.
  • The email subscription box ("Follow Us By Email")
This is one of Blogger's new gadgets, so I want to test it for those of you who prefer mailinglist-type email subscriptions.

I hope you find these updates helpful!

In the next few weeks, you should expect a review of the latest Dietrich bio, Marlene, by Charlotte Chandler.

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