28 April 2011

Belated news: Marlene Dietrich photos from Lucien Clergue collection

Lucien Clergue, 1975
(Courtesy Wolfgang H. Wögerer, Wien)
Marlene Dietrich news has been abundant this year, and I often miss stories. If you spot reports we miss, feel free to let us know!

Unfortunately, I couldn't inform readers in a timely fashion that from March 5-April 24 the Multimedia Art Museum in Moscow displayed photos from the Lucien Clergue collection, reportedly given to Clergue in 1981 by one of Dietrich's grandsons.

You can at least see the photos here:

(In English)
(In Russian)

The 2nd photo is particularly stunning. Does anyone know who took it and when?


  1. Thanks for the link!

    The portrait is wonderful, I wonder if it wasn't taken around the time Marlene did the test shots for "A Devil is a Woman"?

    Love the new layout!

  2. Yes, you must be right! This could have been the shot that convinced Dietrich that she didn't need drops to obtain Spanish eyes.

  3. Yes, as the partner, I believe that it is the time of the filming of "The devil is a woman". You can appreciate the carnation (flower) on one side of the face ("very typical" Spanish ...), characteristic of
    Concha Perez in the film. Greetings and sorry for the mistakes in english...

  4. Yes, I agree. The carnation certainly is a tell-tale sign. By the way, it just occurred to me how rather subversive it was for Concha to don a mantilla during Carnival, a time when costumes convey satirical messages. I don't believe this to be intentional, but Dietrich had a knack--intentional and unintentional--for making social commentary through her wardrobe.

  5. Certainly very good and reasonable deduction. Greetings