30 April 2011

Stage Fright Storyboards Up For Auction

Marlene Dietrich as Charlotte Inwood in Stage Fright
Marlene Dietrich modeled Dior and crooned the Cole Porter tune, "The Laziest Gal in Town," in Alfred Hitchcock's 1950 film, Stage Fright, proving again her talent for upstaging the top billing star. Like Emil Jannings, plain Jane Wyman didn't stand a chance against Dietrich's screen presence, even with an Oscar under her belt.

On June 7 2011, Bonhams in London will put up for auction Hitchcock's self-drawn Stage Fright storyboards, which exemplify his meticulous directions for actors and cameramen. Bonhams estimates the storyboards' worth between £20,000-30,000 (€23,000-34,000), but I guess if you had to ask, you probably couldn't afford it.

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