23 April 2011

Material Girl

Marlene was a regular customer at Parisian couture houses from the thirties to the sixties and the Marlene Dietrich Collection in Berlin includes great examples of the work of designers such as Alix (Madame Gres), Schiaparelli, Patou, Balenciaga, Dior, Chanel and others.

From the archives of L'Officiel De La Mode come photographs of two creations designed specifically for Marlene (not modelled by her, unfortunately):

1936. A black fox busby and suit with matching fur trim, designed by Schiaparelli, who was inspired by the coronation of Edward VIII.

1938. A white fox cape designed by la Reine d'Angleterre.

I wonder if there are photos of Marlene wearing these?

The archives of L'Officiel from 1921 - 2010 are available online.

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  1. I'll state the obvious--that the first ensemble reminds me of Dietrich's final costume in The Scarlet Empress. Thank you for posting these priceless images and link! You remind me that I recently read about a Madame Gres exhibition at the Bourdelle museum in Paris until July 24. Here is a link (in French) to the museum's site. It would interest me to know whether any of the dresses on display were worn by Dietrich.