20 April 2011

A Marlene Dietrich LIFE Bibliography at Your Fingertips!

Years ago, I blogged about LIFE magazine's photo archive hitting Google Images. Let me update this information by reporting that past LIFE magazine issues are now available in their entirety through Google Books. There are many ways to retrieve Marlene Dietrich-related LIFE issues, so report them here if your way is more efficient than mine. For those of us who can survive without physical copies of these issues and can happily view them online, follow my visual instructions below the cut.

1) Go to the Google Books Advanced Book Search. You should see this on your screen:

2) Type "marlene dietrich" (without the quotation marks) in the exact phrase box like so:

3) In the Content section, select the "Magazines," as I did below:

4) Now, type "LIFE" or "life" (your choice--and no need for the quotes) in the Title section, like so:

5) Finally, click on the "Google Search" button!

6) Did you retrieve about 269 results? Good! Now, read and view 'til your heart's content!

If you want to see other full-view magazines on Google Books, browse the list here.


  1. Wonderful tip! Thank you!

  2. I'm glad it's helpful. I'll try other magazine titles to see what else may be available, too. By the way, that cat is adorable!